American stock indexes keep breaking new record highs as long holidays approach

As a reminder, U.S. stock markets were closed on Monday for Independence Day. Meanwhile, there was a good reason for optimism in the market as unemployment data turned out to be not so good.


Investment research

U.S. stock indexes moved in different directions on the last day of the current week.

Both buyers and sellers showed little enthusiasm though. U.S. Treasuries yield was in drift. As at 8:30 p.m. (MSK), S&P500 index gained 0.2%, and Dow Jones, to the contrary, declined, with no aggression ...


Macroeconomic review: global indicators and Russia’s industrial production in 2020


Investment ideas. Stocks. CRUS US

Cirrus Logic Inc. (CRUS US) is a U.S. company operating in semiconductors sector. It is so called “fabless” business, i.e. a company without own production facilities. Cirrus develops audio and voice ...



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