Who we are

The Moscow Partners brand name dates back to 1993. Our current team has successfully weathered the vicissitudes of financial crises in 1998, 2008 and 2014. We are accredited as an official listing agent on the Moscow Stock Exchange since 2011. We are licensed by the Russian regulatory authorities to act as securities brokers, dealers, depositories and investment managers. We provide a full range of financial services to our customers, including customized solutions if necessary.
Our team consists of professionals with unique expertise and work experience: they were employed by leading companies in Russian finance, like the Russian Trading System, Troyka Dialog, Tretiy Rim, Sberbank, Antanta Capital, etc.


О компании



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Product and services

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Asset management

We offer our customers 4 asset management strategies with different levels of profitability and risk (different risk-reward ratios). Their main objective is to outperform the market, thanks to a combination of various instruments including Russian and foreign stocks, highly liquid ruble bonds and Eurobonds, RTS futures and the like.

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Brokerage services

Opening brokerage accounts, executing trades on Russian and foreign securities markets, customer support.

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Depository and custody services

Safekeeping, accounting and transfer of securities. Full range of depository services for corporate clients and individual investors.


Track record

Our track record - selected cases in corporate finance


Investor award, IPO/SPO «Deal of the Year»

3rd place - Moscow Partners, underwriter and listing agent for Abrau-Durso JSC, listing on MICEX-RTS stock exchange.

MICEX-RTS stock exchange

Abrau-Durso JSC shares were admitted to trading on MICEX-RTS stock exchange on April 11, 2012.


Our principal customers are::

  • private investors
  • midcap and smallcap companies
  • private equity funds and venture funds

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