Weekly Mirror. Episode 16


Vaccine war, Google, ruble, Alibaba Group, taxes, Turkey

In ‘Weekly Mirror’, we discuss the most important events of previous week and the most anticipated events of the next one, forecasting the market response.

My co-host is Dmitri Abzalov – a well-known political scientist, president of the Strategic Communications Center and a frequent guest of political shows on major Russian channels.


The information provided is not an individual investment recommendation.



Portfolio for paranoid: where to invest in case you fear wars and financial crises

The pandemic made everyone talk about the financial crisis, which adds to overall nervousness. We asked investment banker and HSE University professor Evgeny Kogan for an advice on investment security. ...


Expert names the risks of adjustable-rate mortgage

Adjustable-rate mortgage may lead to inability to pay off for tens of thousands of borrowers, according to HSE University professor, co-chairman of the Party of Growth Evgeny Kogan. ‘We remember foreign ...

Economics Today

Investment Banker Evgeny Kogan is the new head of the Stolypin Club

The informal entrepreneurs association elected co-chairman of the Party of Growth Evgeny Kogan as its new president. As a result of the Stolypin Club session ‘Centenary of Russia’s New Economic Policy. ...



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