Weekly Mirror. Episode 20


Inflation, Biden vs. Trump, Israeli–Palestinian conflict, cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies.

In the Weekly Mirror, we discuss the most important events of the week just passed and highlights of the week to come, trying to predict the market’s reaction. 

My co-host is Dmitri Abzalov, a well-known political scientist, President of the Strategic Communications Center and a frequent guest of political shows on major Russian channels. 


The information provided is not an individual investment recommendation.



Weekly Mirror. Episode 15

Oil, Biden, CNY, AstraZeneca, Archegos, soft. In ‘Weekly Mirror’, we discuss the most important events of previous week and the most anticipated events of the next one, forecasting the market response. ...


Archegos collapse: a signal for the moneybags or a warning

Archegos Capital Management collapse may serve as a signal for the moneybags to buy the plunging stocks, but also lead to tightening of the margin lending policy by major brokers. History shows that ...

Business Journal

Should we expect a global wave of inflation in 2021?

On March 24, the Suez Canal – a crucial sea trade route – was completely blocked. 6.3 million barrels of oil were stuck in a huge traffic jam, including $400 million worth of Russian oil. It took five ...



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