Weekly Mirror. Episode 21


Nord Stream 2, Middle East, cryptocurrencies, hackers, Amazon, Microsoft.

In the Weekly Mirror, we discuss the most important events of the week just passed and highlights of the week to come, trying to predict the market’s reaction. 

My co-host is Dmitri Abzalov, a well-known political scientist, President of the Strategic Communications Center and a frequent guest of political shows on major Russian channels. 


The information provided is not an individual investment recommendation.


Business FM

Bloomberg: the USA and the UK consider additional sanctions against Russia for ‘use of chemical weapons’

Evgeny Kogan: ‘We were told to expect additional sanctions against certain oligarchs. I think the possibility is quite high. How dangerous would it be for our economy? It may be unpleasant for the ...



According to Reuters, U.S. is to announce more sanctions today: “As the agency reports, the United States will impose additional sanctions on Russia on March 2, including sanctions under the Chemical ...

Firm’s Secret

HSE University professor criticizes government for lack of efforts in preserving Russian business

National Research University – Higher School of Economics professor Evgeny Kogan voiced his support for Russian entrepreneurs. Russian business has turned into a roulette where everyone can lose. In ...



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